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Brief class description and required tools


Class outline


In this class you will have the weekly opportunity to study the concepts and techniques of the Sogetsu modern school of Ikebana, starting with basic rules of line and form and progressing over the months and years to the advanced freestyle techniques that set Sogetsu apart from all the other schools of Ikebana.  This is an organized class that follows the lessons in the official Sogetsu textbooks.  Each student goes at their own pace, so you can start at any time.



Required tools:


Since this is a hands-on class, you need to bring certain tools: Bring flower scissors, a broad  shallow container to hold the arrangement (around 10 inches in diameter  and 2 1/2 inches tall), a small bowl, a towel for wiping up and a large frog (also called a needle point or kenzan in  Japanese).  If you have questions about any of these tools, or have trouble finding them, give me a call. I usually have some items on hand.



Class are held at various places on various days.  Come study with us!